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We offer hourly and monthly maintenance packages

Looking for a quick amendment to your site? Need us to run some WordPress updates, or maybe update some vulnerable plugins to prevent your site from being compromised?

We offer expedited maintenance services just for you! If you think that you will not make many changes to your website regularly, we offer maintenance services on an hourly basis ($80/hr., 1 hour minimum charge. Billed in 15 Minute increments after the first hour). 

If you think that you will be making regular changes to your website over time, you can save money by purchasing a website maintenance packages.

All web site maintenance Package includes following services

  • Priority service, shorter turn around (1-2 Business Days)
  • Update, correct or create new pages as requested
  • Limited programming (*minor updates or changes to functionality)
  • Image scanning, optimization and adding or changing images on the web site
  • CMS and plugin updates as necessary
  • Verify all links
  • Does not include layout changes or *medium to *major programming work. For extra work please contact us!)

Monthly maintenance package options

1 hours web site maintenance per month (including email support)
Quarterly site backups
Discount on additional work: 5%

3 hours web site maintenance per month (including email support)
Biannual site review
Biannual site analytics report
Monthly site backups
1 Site recovery per month (should the worst happen)
Discount on additional work: 8%

5 hours web site maintenance per month (including email support)
Quarterly site review
Quarterly site analytics report
Weekly site backups
2 Site recoveries per month (should the worst happen)
Discount on additional work: 12%

Looking for something more specific? We'd be happy to create a custom package just for you. Please send us a note and let us know the details

Banked Hours

Almost every business has a busy time and a slower time. You might need more edits and changes done on your site some months (for special events, marketing, etc.) than others. We will bank any unused hours from your maintenance package into the next month up to three (3) months. For Example: If you have a small business web maintenance package and only use 2 hour in the first month, and then 2 hours again in the second month, you can bank unused hours and transfer 2 hours to the third month for a total of 5 hours for the third month. Hours will not roll over to the fourth month.

The small print

*Website updates consist of: addition, subtraction, and editing of all text, images, videos, audio, multimedia and other types of content on an existing website. Addition includes creating and linking to a menu, a new page with new content. Subtraction includes removing any pages, and their menu links from your website, whether to be used again at a later date, or permanently removed. Editing consists of changing existing text on any page, and updating all menu items and or links for that page.

*Major, medium, and minor programming work: to be determined by Bright Minded Media at time of request. Includes any custom JavaScript, PHP, or etc. An example of minor work would be changing your javascript slider rotation speed, or updating social account info for one of your feeds. Medium to major work would include any sort of additional, or custom, functionality.