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Wild Blossoms Studio

cms, design, development, ExpressionEngine

We built this website with simplicity and speed in mind. Elycia wanted a way to showcase her work, with the added ability to list events where she would be displaying her works. We opted to use Google Maps integration for the events portion. This allows her to add events, with descriptions and images, easily. We also hooked into Google Maps further, allowing visitors to get directions to the event right through the site itself!

We used an optimized workflow for this project, utilizing a responsive framework, and some task runners to clean things up. In the end we were able to remove all unused CSS, defer loading of the script files, and pull in a static Google Map for the front page to prevent an unnecessary call to Google here (since that would have degraded the landing page performance). We also made use of some CSS3 animations to give the site some life. Finally we sprinkled in some parallax for scroll effect, which falls back to a smaller resolution static image for smaller/mobile devices.

By the time we were finished we were able to pull a 97/100 for both mobile and desktop user experience per Googles page speed insights. When we say we'll make your site perform as good as it looks, we mean it!

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