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Pug Fanatic

cms, design, development, ExpressionEngine

A complete website overhaul for the PugFanatic website. The previous site was outdated, and didn't render well on mobile devices. This site takes advantage of some cool new features, and has much more optimization to speed up load times. In addition, it's now responsive, so it will work on mobile devices.

The new website has a more "flat" look, as well as some angled elements to add to the visual effect. The angles go away on smaller devices to make things cleaner and easier to navigate. It also utilized lazy-loading of scripts to give the site a more responsive feel, and to get the content to the screen quicker.

With all of this we were able to get load times down to, in many cases, under 1 second. And that's with a video playing on the homepage, and a total page size of ~2.2MB!!

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