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Motherlove Herbal Company

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Motherlove.com website re-design. A collaboration with One Tribe Creative and Full Circle Graphics.

This website has been quite a journey! After months in the making I'm happy to announce the websites launch is now official. This website takes advantage of a number of the latest website design techniques. From responsive, mobile first, approaches to full e-commerce integration.

We enjoyed working with One Tribe Creative and their talented crew to make this website a reality. It is a complete re-imagining of Motherlove's original website. This website takes advantage of the Open Graph protocol to implement rich sharing tags. SEO techniques are implemented from the top down, with each page, category, and product having the ability to utilize various SEO tags.

Previously, Motherlove was using four different interfaces to update and maintain their site. We've managed to bring this all under a single CMS. With the power of ExpressionEngine we've been able to meet each and every need for this website, with room to grow!

The landing page makes use of new javascript techniques to implement a hardware accelerated parallax effect. However, for smaller screens this intense effect is disabled to keep the experience rich and smooth for those viewing with mobile devices.

We didn't simply look at responsive design as the sole mobile design approach. Instead, we leveraged server side and front end server languages to produce the best experience possible, no matter the device. One of the techniques utilized was responsive images which allowed us to swap images out on different devices so smaller devices won't need to load large images. Because of this we've managed to reduce the size of the mobile landing page to less than 800KB, mobile users rejoice!

Here's an image showing the size difference on a smaller screen resolution: 

Motherlove mobile optimized size

If that wasn't enough, we optimized all scripts and images and then GZip'ed them up for lightning fast load times! Without the use of a CDN, this site will still load in under one second! 

Motherlove.com pingdom results

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