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Flywater Inc.

cms, design, development, ExpressionEngine

FlyWater, inc. is a proven river consulting and contracting engineering firm that has taken hold for the last 10 years in Fort Collins, Colorado. We were very excited when approached to help them redesign their website.
This website takes advantage of some nifty features, such as a video background. It is also responsive as all of our recent sites, meaning it "responds" to the users device. So the experience will be similar across devices, from phone to tablet to desktop computer.

Here's what we started with:


We wanted to breathe some life into the site, and really make their image pop! Using a video for the first slide allows us to really capture the essence of FlyWater. We wanted the site to have a professional look to convey their business while tying in outdoor elements to add a little excitement and convey the passion they have for what they do.

We wanted to slim down the site and put more emphasis on the key elements and make it easier for the their customers to navigate and find the information they need. They also requested a custom form that would allow customers to get a quote through a series of questions. They wanted the ability to tie Google Maps into this as well. We were able to pull in a static map for email notifications so they could get a quick overview of the submitted project, and on the website they have a section to review the submissions with live Google Maps, allowing them to zoom, scroll, etc. to get more details of the area. This will allow them to expedite their quotes by letting the website gather relevant information for them that they can reference at any time.

The team at FlyWater was great to work with and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

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