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Our Policy

  • A website deposit [up to 50% of estimated project cost, to be determined by Bright Minded Media] is due before any work begins on the project, whether it be graphic or web.

  • Final payment for the website is due before site files are put live on the clients server.

  • The client owns the files (design, layout, graphics, text and HTML) after the website is paid in full and can do as they wish with them. Until such time all files are the sole property of Bright Minded Media.

  • Copyright Notice is in the client’s name. Copyright for Content Management Systems (CMS), framework, or web application(s) used in the design of the website will remain the Copyright of their respective owners.

  • Bright Minded Media reserves the right to place the website in its portfolio for promotional reasons at any time unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Bright Minded Media requires final content at requested date, as stated in the contract. Unless otherwise specified we are not responsible for proofing the final content before publishing, so please make sure all content is proofed and ready for the web prior to sending.