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Zurb Foundation 5 released

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I've recently become a fan of the Foundation framework from ZURB. It's a great prototyping framework with a mobile first approach. The newest iteration includes plenty of new features but a couple of the more notable are the medium grid (geared toward tablet based devices) and the off-canvas navbar.

There are plenty of other new features to enjoy as well, I haven't personally had much time to play around with the new version but what I've seen so far looks good.

One of the major hiccups for the new version (at least for those using the Sass version) is you now need to have the Bower package manager installed as well as the Node.js javascript runtime. Considering most developers will already have one, or both, of these installed it's not too difficult to get up an going with the latest version of Foundation (5.0.2 as of this post).

One thing I've not been able to find is a good article on how to upgrade from v4 to v5? I would be led to believe I could cd into a Foundation v4 directory and issue the foundation update command (after running gem install foundation). But this did nothing.

So I decided to download the Sass version and then simply overwrite the current version of the foundation files in my project folder (currently not modified, using stock Foundation with additional _custom.scss import for any addition styles so far). So I didn't need to worry about losing any styles, only tags that may have been degraded from v4; however, a preliminary look at the docs tells me they remain mostly unchanged, awesome!

Ok, so to get the new files I just ran foundation new FOUNDATION_5 --version 5.0.2 from the desktop, then opened the newly created directory and copied the files over to my working project. Set compass to watch the project, compiled the css, and everything looks good! Liking the flat-ui as well, since it seems the norm anymore I suppose it's appropriate ZURB did the same with their next iteration of Foundation.

What's been your experience with the framework? How's version 5 working for you? Let us know!


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