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About Bright Minded Media

We are a web and app design and development company that creates custom websites and applications for passionate people. Based near the Foothills of Colorado, just outside of Fort Collins, we love what we do (and so do our clients). People depend on our services and software every day to run their businesses.

We provide quality web and software solutions for your business. Serving Northern Colorado and its surrounding areas with creative solutions. We can help your business stick out and get noticed on the web or help to optimize your in-house work-flow with web and software solutions.

With extensive knowledge of the WordPress, Craft CMS, and ExpressionEngine content management systems we can build your dream website. We are experienced with responsive design, including the mobile first design pattern. 

Additionally we can help build your next big app idea! With extensive experience in MVC and OOP frameworks we can bring your ideas to reality. From completely custom eCommerce, to subscription based services, to whatever you can dream up. We're here to make your dreams a reality!

Colorado web development

We also have extensive knowledge of various languages for building internal workflow applications, including Java and PHP frameworks such as Laravel. We can turn your idea into reality!

Make sure your website is a reflection of your services. We're here to help!

A little info about our founder

Shaun grew up in the Northern Colorado region and has been developing websites since the days when <table>'s were still popular! He grew up in the age of AOL, chatrooms, Lycos, etc. He started building websites when he was 15 and ventured into Photoshop at that time as well, furthering his interesest in graphic design.

Over the years he's expanded his knowledge of HTML and CSS and worked his way into the server side languages (primarily working with PHP). He grew with the web as it's matured over the years and loves to see all of the new advents with each new iteration.

He loves working with local small/medium businesses and teams to build websites and full-fledged web applications.

What Shaun is up to now

He is currently a Senior Developer at NerdyMind Marketing, as well as owner and Lead Developer here at Bright Minded Media. Throughout his career he's had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of teams to reach a specific goal as well as challenge and push his abilities to work in areas outside of his particular skill set, helping to expand his abilities and thought process.

In 2015 I graduated from CSU with my Bachelor's in Computer Science.
I love working with clients to develop awesome websites, and web applications that exceed expectations!

He's worked mainly in the web development and web application areas to achieve client goals and needs. He's worked with Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, CSS3 and HTML5 to integrate daily business tasks into web based applications, often working in tandem with other local small businesses.

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